My Boys

Saturday, September 8, 2012
This is my weekend where I work 12 hour shifts back to back. Leaving me one tired momma! Oh the life of a single momma working as a nurse. I have a couple of different blogs writing themselves in my head :-) but won't be written on here until sometime next week. Although I would love nothing more then to go to bed, I am getting ready to torture myself and do some Pilates! Yes, I am crazy!! I thought I would share some pictures of my sweets boys for my little weekend post.
This was taken last week while we were busy cleaning and organizing. Days off for mommy apparently bring out Noah's desire to sport his UK scrubs and throwing up the 3 sign, lol oh and let's not forget our Marine's hat from his Pa :-)

Noah LOVES Legos! I surprised him with a little set last week from the store. He was so proud and excited about his police car he built! He came in the kitchen asking me for my phone so he could take a picture. Later that night when he was in bed, I looked through my phone and he had taken like 15 pictures of his car, lol and a video!! I nicely deleted a few of them and kept a couple for him. Such a silly boy!!

     The lift of a 14 month old! Discovering your tongue and showing it off to Mommy :-)
 I joke and say Isaiah would eat ANYTHING! Seriously, the boy does not mess around when it comes to food and at times has eaten more then his big brother. I gave him a peanut butter sandwich one day for lunch and he got SO excited!! Love my boys so much!!
I hope ya'll have a great weekend!! I have one more 12 hour shift and then two days off!! I can't wait :-)

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