Master Noah, Jedi Knight

Friday, September 7, 2012
Before I had kids, I always said I was not going to get wrapped up in the whole "character themed" stuff. Especially rooms, because let's face it, kids grow up and go through lots of different phases of what theme they are stuck on for the moment. For the most part I have stayed true to that, lol BUT Noah LOVES Star Wars and after lots of begging on his part I finally caved :-) I am pretty proud of myself for not going completely overboard when it comes to the decorations. If Noah had it his way it would look like a galaxy in his room, Ha! All in all I really like how it turned out. I still need to get him a navy blue valance for his window. My goal for his room was to make it feel warm and inviting, while also adding his unique personality to it. He is a lover of legos, basketball, books and cars, as you'll see. For those of you who might wonder, his bed set is from Pottery Barn Kids and the two decals by his bed I got from The actual Star Wars decals including the big Master Yoda I picked up at Target, my second home, lol


  1. What a fun room! I am pondering changing up Waylon's western room, which was his nursery theme, and going with something new. I don't know what - he loves The Avengers, but I dread buying all new things! Haha, oh the problems of mommies! :)