A Message From God

Thursday, March 24, 2011 No comments
Through out this adoption journey there have been moments where I have allowed doubt to enter into my mind. I have allowed the words and opinions of others to cause me to question if I CAN really do this. Can I, as a single mother really adopt a little boy from Ethiopia?!?!

In my heart I know that God WILL provide in his time, the funds for this adoption. He has already provided in so many ways and he continues to show me that YES this adoption journey is being written by him and all I need to do is continue to FOLLOW him!! This past weekend Noah and I were in the car, when a song came on the radio. Noah knows almost every song that comes on our local Christian radio station :) so it didn't really phase me when he started singing along to Chris Tomlin's "I Will Follow", until he asked me a question that lead into a 10 minute talk between me and my 6yr old that I truly feel was a message from God! Enjoy :)

Noah- Mommy who is he talking to? When he says I will follow you?
Me- He is talking to Jesus buddy. He is telling Jesus he will follow him wherever he goes
Noah- Oh so if Jesus tells us to go somewhere, we should always go?
Me- That's right buddy, when Jesus tells us to go, we should go!

Thank You Father for using the sweet simple words of my precious little boy to minister to my heart and to once again remind me that you have placed adoption and orphan care on my heart for a reason. I will continue to follow you, all the way to Ethiopia!!

Will You Marry Me? (In 20 years)

Monday, March 21, 2011 1 comment
My adoption agency is awesome in the fact that the families are really good about supporting and encouraging one another through out the adoption process and coming to the airport when the big day arrives and your child finally comes home!! Last year Noah and I went to the airport to help welcome home a family and their little boy from Ethiopia. While there Noah met a sweet little girl Gracie whos momma Brittney has become a sweet friend of mine. Brittney and her husband James adoption a sweet boy from Ethiopia as well. By the time we left the airport Noah and Gracie were best of friends, wanting to get together to play one afternoon :)

This past weekend Gracie came to Noah's birthday party! It was so cute watching the two of them run around, playing together. The funniest part was watching the other little girls trying to get Noah's attention, and let me just say Miss Gracie was not having it, Ha!! Who knew my son would have so many little girlfriends at such a young age, LOL

The two of them had a blast together! This is such a cute picture, LOL
Apparently they didn't want to play with the other kids, because at one point I looked around to see this! They had hidden themselves below the slide, Ha!! (Brittney we are in trouble, LOL)
The best part was when Noah opened Gracie's present and in the bag was this homemade birthday card! Before Noah could even read it, sweet Gracie had already turned every shade of red there is!! It was so funny! It turns out Gracie had been asking her daddy how to spell certain words when she was making the card.

In case you can't read it. It says "You are loveing. You are handsome. You are cuet. You are pretty like a flower. I like you" Is that not the cutest thing!!
So it is official, Noah has received his first marriage proposal, Ha! Did I mention they both go to church together and are in the same Sunday School class :)

Happy Birthday Noah!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011 1 comment
Last week my little man turned the big 6!! I seriously wish I could sometimes push the pause button on life. My sweet boy is growing up way too fast for this momma!! We started the celebrating with our yearly trip for some birthday pictures :) I have been taking him to the same place since he was 8 months old so they know us pretty well, and always have a lot of fun taking his pictures. Noah has a lot of fun too acting like a little goober!!

We always do a small family celebration at home with my parents, sister and Noah's cousins. This year Noah had been asking for a Chuggington Train Track for his birthday. I thought I was finally done with trains, LOL but no such luck :) We have now gone through a Thomas phase, Geo Track phase and now we are in a Chugginton phase!! Someone help me :)

He was so excited when he opened up his Chuggington Track!! He wasn't sure if he was going to get it :) I have to admit it is actually pretty neat and I have enjoyed playing with it with him!

Since Noah is not a big cake kid, we have always done cookie cakes for birthdays at home :)

I have ALWAYS gone all out for Noah's actual birthday parties! This year was a little different. I am not sure if it a combination of my new job, the adoption or some other things going on right now, but this year I was just too busy and too tired!! So as much as I fought it, I finally caved and had his party at a local play gym for his little friends from school. I have to be honest it was actually REALLY nice!! I was able to really relax and just enjoy watching my boy run and play with his little friends while snapping a ton of pics!! The owner of the gym did EVERYTHING!! He even cut the cake :) Speaking of the cake, this year Noah wanted a Power Ranger cake this year and after a HUGE cake crisis this past week my dear friend Lana saved my booty and with less then 24hr notice she managed to produce this awesome cake for the birthday boy!! He was so excited and I was so relieved :)
It was a GREAT day full of smiles, laughter and lots of fun!! I do have a VERY funny and sweet birthday party story that I have to share, but this story seriously deserves it's OWN blog post!! I am going to post it along with pictures tomorrow night, so be sure and check back. You won't want to miss it, I promise!! :)

One Step Closer!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 4 comments
This morning I did something that literally brought tears to my eyes! (sappy I know) I sent off my I600A to Homeland Security to get my appointment for my fingerprints!! I overnighted it, so by noon tomorrow my application will be in TX and hopefully not too long after that I will have my appointment and will be able to go get my fingerprints done.

I am so excited because this is the last thing I have to do before sending off my dossier to Ethiopia!!! Please join me in praying that there is a quick turn around for my appointment and that God continues to provide as he has these last few months. My hope and prayer is that by the end of March my dossier will be in Ethiopia!!!

My mom thought I was nuts for taking a picture, Ha! I think the lady working at the post office really thought I was crazy! A teary eyed lady whipping out her IPhone to take a picture of an envelope! I am sure you fellow adoptive mommies can totally relate :)

Thank you all so much for the prayers! God is continuing to bless this journey in so many ways, so much more then I could ever imagine! I am constantly blown away at how he chooses to minister and encourage me and mold my heart more and more everyday! Adoption is definitely nothing short of a miracle :)