Ornaments Are Ready!!! Who Wants One?!?!

Sunday, November 21, 2010
They are done!! Well the first 24, but who's counting, Ha!! Noah was SO EXCITED to "help" with the ornaments. He was so sweet, with every ornament he helped make he would look at me with that sweet smile of his and say "Mommy when can my baby brother come home?" Of course trying to explain this process to a 5yr old can get pretty interesting. My famous answer has become "When God is ready for him to come home" So now his prayers include "God please bring my brother home real soon" Oh how I can't wait to see my two boys together!!

This is the finished product!! The ornaments are stuffed with yellow, green and red. The colors of the Ethiopian flag. Stamped with a heart in the shape of Africa, enclosed with a heart around it. I have to say I am pretty proud of them.
I had to get creative with how exactly I was going to get the shape on the ornaments. I went to a craft store this afternoon and picked up the supplies I needed to hopefully do the country justice when stamping it on the ornaments. Hope I did :)

The only thing I have to say about this tool is.......there is a reason I am a nurse and NOT a surgeon!! You should have seen me all hunkered down with my "scalpel" in hand trying to cut out the shape of Africa out of the foam brush I bought.

After cutting, sweating and praying I think I did an okay job. What do you think? I will admit it took longer then I expected to do the first 24 ornaments, so my plan is to get those sold and then spend next Saturday finishing up the rest I have sitting in my dining room. Thankfully my niece is real big into crafty stuff, so she has already asked me when she can help stuff more ornaments?
FYI- The ornaments are selling for $6.00 and I WILL ship them for you if you don't live in this area. Just e-mail me @ ethiopiaminusone@gmail.com
I hope everyone is anxiously preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, where we reflect on ALL God has done for us this year!! God Bless~

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  1. I want one :) Will you email me the details?


    They are SO cutie!