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Saturday, November 20, 2010
I know I am late posting about this (for those of you who read on facebook 2 days ago about it) but Friday was jammed packed with errands, Noah's Thanksgiving program/feast at his school and then we went to our town's big shopping center for Light Up (insert name of shopping center) Anywhoo, let's just say by the time we got home last night I was exhausted as was Noah!!

SO, let's see if I can remember everything I wanted to make sure I mentioned, Ha! With my brain that might not happen, but I can try!!

In true nursing fashion, I was a little late for my appointment due to a meeting at work that went WAY too long. I was so thankful that the 2nd shift nurse offered to do my last treatment for me so I could get out of the door and on my way.

Noah and his Grammy were meeting me there, because Noah had to be interviewed as well. I can't lie I was a little nervous about this. For those of you who know my child, you understand my fear, Ha!! He is such a little goober and you NEVER know what will come out of his mouth. Since I was running late, the case worker went ahead and started interviewing Noah. To no surprise of mine (I'm not partial at all, lol) Noah did great! My mom said he was his little charmer self and was so excited to tell the lady about his little brother. Below are a few of the things I wanted to write down and remember, because they were just too cute!!

Lady- So Noah does your little brother have a name yet?
Noah- Well if you ask Mommy she will tell you his name is going to be Silas, but I don't like that name so I am going to call him Isaac, (I'm sure at this point the lady was thinking great, this poor child is going to have identity issues, Ha!)

Lady- So Noah what happens when you get in trouble at home?
Noah- I never get in trouble
Lady- Oh now Noah, all little boys get in trouble sometimes
Noah- Nope, not me
(I'm still laughing at this one, lol all though Noah finally fessed up and admitted that yes he does sometimes get in trouble and when he does he has to sit in time out)

Lady- Noah what are you most excited about?
Noah- Bringing my little brother home. When is he coming home? Can we go get him tomorrow?
Lady- What are you worried about?
Noah- Mommy going on the airplane (that response added to something I had already been thinking about and will post about later)

All in all the case worker said she thought Noah was a laid back, well adjusted, funny and loving little boy. She said she thinks he is going to be an awesome big brother!!

Now my interview on the other hand, it last a little bit longer, lol I think it is safe to say whenever it comes to being "interviewed" we all get a little nervous! Of course before going in I say and had some time with God, so I felt a little better when it was my turn.

The interview went really well. The case worker is so excited to be going on this journey with Noah and I, and the last 20 minutes we actually spent just talking about Noah and how excited he is about bringing his brother home!! Below are some of the questions she asked me.

Lady- One of these questions you left blank? Why is that? The question was "What don't you like about yourself?"
Me- There was only one perfect person that walked this earth, Jesus Christ. I feel like God uses are imperfections to help mold and make us into the type of disciples he wants us to be. He can use all the gifts, trials, test and imperfections to grow his Kingdom, so why would I not like who I am, because I am exactly the way he wants me to be. I think when most people see that question they think about losing weight, changing their hair color, or something that the world looks at, but that's just it. The world looks at the outside, but our Father looks at the inside. He doesn't care about the shirt we wear, he cares about the heart that is behind that shirt. The case worker told me she was curious before talking to me to why I would leave that question blank, but after talking to me, she was really impressed with my answer. I was glad to hear that, seeing as the look on her face before I started talking was a look of "you left this blank, why??"

Lady- Have you thought about what you would do if someone walked up to you in Target and asked you why you have a one black child and one white child?
Me- Do you want me to answer that honestly, lol.........If I were to be honest I haven't even thought about that question, because when I think about those situations I don't see a black child and a white child. I see my boys!! Two little boys who God has given me the honor to love, raise and teach his ways to. (Plus if I had to be honest if that ever happen, the look on my face of "you actually came over here to ask me this" would probably be enough that they would just turn around and walk away, Ha) We are all God's children, that is how I am raising Noah and will raise Silas when he gets home! When I first started thinking of adoption, I showed Noah some pictures of children from Africa and asked him what he thought about having a brother from there. His only worry was would his brother likes his toys?? Love it!!

I left the interview happy and that much more excited about bring my son home!! The case worker was nice and reminded me that when she came on the 14th that I would need a check ready to give her. As if that thought had left my mind, Ha!

So, speaking of fundraising. A couple of big announcements. This weekend I will be making ornaments to sell. They are turning out pretty cute I think, and I can't wait to take a picture and post it. I will post purchasing information when I post the pictures. Also, T-SHIRTS!! I have changed the printer I am using, as well as the design and the PRICE!! I can't wait until I have a picture to post along with all the information on how you can get your hands on one, two, three or more :) I am stepping out on FAITH and pre-ordering 100 shirts!!! Trusting that God will provide and that they will all sell, plus some!! I am going to stop boxing God in on what he can do with this adoption, and stop allowing doubt to creep into my brain, and instead move forward in this journey knowing it is God driven and God will work out the details, I just need to continue to trust in HIM!!

WOW, this is a long post, Ha!! Noah and I are off to get his hair cut and head to a birthday party for a sweet little boy who came home from Ethiopia this year. Noah is so excited!! We stood in the toy department yesterday at Target for what seemed like forever, while he decided on the perfect gift for his buddy as he kept saying :)

I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend!!

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  1. Glad you left me a comment because that lead me to your blog!! Now I can keep up with you guys! Excited to see your ornaments!!