So Much To Say

Saturday, June 9, 2012
I miss blogging, I really do. Some say shopping is their therapy, or reading. Mine, it is blogging. I sit down in front of my laptop and just let go and let my fingers do the rest. Most of the time I really don't put much thought into what I type, and yet it usually all makes sense, lol This time though, it is different. I have a lot I want to say, a lot. The problem is not all of it is sugar and spice. For that reason I wait, and while I wait I continue to pray that the negative thoughts and the feeling of hurt that have been in my head and my heart will soon go away. I am always telling Noah that words hurt and once you say something you can't take it back. For that reason I will continue to wait to blog.

When I started this blog it was just going to be a way to keep friends updated on my adoption, but now that my sweet boy is home I want to use it as a daily journal/scrapbook to keep track of all the things God is doing in our lives, to remember those precious moments with my boys, the funny things Noah says that just make my giggle and all the other happenings as we continue to walk through this life with our eyes focused on HIM.

I hope those of you who are "faithful readers" will continue on this journey with us as we step foot into the next chapter of the story God is writing for myself and my boys. The last 8 weeks have been filled with every emotion you can think of, some of which I never thought I would see from both myself and my sweet boy, but one thing for certain is God is Faithful and His Grace is new every day. He continues to teach me things about my relationship with HIM as he molds my relationship with my son.

Tomorrow my sweet boy will turn 1 :-) I will always be thankful that the Lord allowed him to be home with his family for this special milestone. We celebrated with family and friends today and tomorrow he is getting dedicated at church. It has been a busy but blessed weekend!!


  1. Let it all out girl! I personally look forward to the raw real emotion and experiences! I'm especially anxious as I ask God to prepare my heart as an adoptive momma! As Him to guide your wiring and may the glory go to God! I look forward to the future of this blog- whatever it turns into. Praying for strength and wisdom for you :)

  2. Thanks Kendra!! I just read your blog and "got to know you" a little better :-) I really appreciate your encouragemet and prayers!