Day 2 ~ Ethiopian Easter

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Ethiopia celebrates Easter the weekend after we do in America. So Sunday afternoon Woudneh (my in country adoption agency's director) and his wife had all the families staying in the guest house over to their house for a wonderful lunch. Isaiah and I spent the morning hanging out and playing while some of the other families went to a church service at the local Mormon church.

Once everyone got back, the nannies had a special Easter coffee ceremony for all of us. For those of you who may not know, Ethiopia is known for their coffee and a coffee ceremony is something very special in the Ethiopian culture. Did I mention Ethiopian coffee is delish!! I brought 20 bags home on my last trip, Ha!! Hopefully that will hold me over until I can get some more :-)

After the coffee ceremony, I handed Isaiah back to the nannies and headed over to Woudneh and Bete's house for lunch. It was so much easier leaving him to go places, knowing at the end of the week he was leaving with me!!

Woudneh was busy working the grill when we arrived. It was an absolutely beautiful day and we all enjoyed sitting on their side porch, sharing stories and spending time with each other. The food was so yummy! I joked with Woudneh that I was going to have to find a water pill to take due to the amount of salt I watched him put on the meat, Ha!! I tried goat for the first time, and it was actually pretty good. It's amazing what you find yourself eating while in another country! I LOVE Ethiopian food!! Woudneh enjoyed telling everyone my "passport" story from my first trip. As I type this I remember I never posted about my court day from my first trip! I guess I need to fix that soon, LOL 

After lunch we headed back to the house and I immediately went to get my boy :-) My friend Kelli (who lives in my city) and I decided to get our friend's children as well and have a little play date. At the time both boys were waiting on their parents to get embassy clearance to come back and get them. I am excited that now one of them is home and the other one will be landing on US soil in two days!! Both the boys are a few months older then Isaiah, so it was neat to watch them playing together. One of the little boys lives about an hour away from us and the other one lives in a different state, but I am friends with both their mommas, so I hope the three of them will see each other again on this side of the ocean!

This is Efrata. She belongs to Kelli and her husband. When I was in Ethiopia in January I met Efrata for the first time and just fell in love with her. She is the sweetest little girl and just loves Isaiah!! I tried to explain to her at the time that she was going to get to see Isaiah once she came home. At the time I don't think she really understood me, but when she saw us all arrive together that first day I think she finally understood :-) Since we have been home she has gotten to see Isaiah quite a bit and she just smiles when she sees him and just loves on him. I love that they will get to see each other so much. Did I mention we all go to the same church!

The rest of that evening was spent in the dark, lol It is not uncommon for the power to go out at the guest house. I never experienced it during my first trip, but during my second trip it rained off and on that whole week, so the power was hit and miss a few of the days.

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