One Step Closer!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
This morning I did something that literally brought tears to my eyes! (sappy I know) I sent off my I600A to Homeland Security to get my appointment for my fingerprints!! I overnighted it, so by noon tomorrow my application will be in TX and hopefully not too long after that I will have my appointment and will be able to go get my fingerprints done.

I am so excited because this is the last thing I have to do before sending off my dossier to Ethiopia!!! Please join me in praying that there is a quick turn around for my appointment and that God continues to provide as he has these last few months. My hope and prayer is that by the end of March my dossier will be in Ethiopia!!!

My mom thought I was nuts for taking a picture, Ha! I think the lady working at the post office really thought I was crazy! A teary eyed lady whipping out her IPhone to take a picture of an envelope! I am sure you fellow adoptive mommies can totally relate :)

Thank you all so much for the prayers! God is continuing to bless this journey in so many ways, so much more then I could ever imagine! I am constantly blown away at how he chooses to minister and encourage me and mold my heart more and more everyday! Adoption is definitely nothing short of a miracle :)


  1. That's not crazy at all!! It's very exciting :) Praying for a VERY quick turn around!

  2. It is exciting every time you get to cross something off your "list" isn't it??

  3. Very exciting! You may be able to walk in for your prints prior to whenever your appt. is for. I know in Indiana we were able to walk in, so long as we had an appt. letter to bring with us (so they had the info on there they needed). It might shave a couple of weeks off your timeframe! (I may have already told you this, I can't remember!)

  4. Thanks Friends!!! I am so excited and yes Brittney I love marking off my adoption list :) If you all don't mind please join me in praying that my dossier will either be in or on it's way to Ethiopia by March 31st!!! It is my hope and prayer that God works it out :)

    Thanks for being such wonderful friends! You all have and continue to encourage and support me :) You each are a blessing to me :)