A Message From God

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Through out this adoption journey there have been moments where I have allowed doubt to enter into my mind. I have allowed the words and opinions of others to cause me to question if I CAN really do this. Can I, as a single mother really adopt a little boy from Ethiopia?!?!

In my heart I know that God WILL provide in his time, the funds for this adoption. He has already provided in so many ways and he continues to show me that YES this adoption journey is being written by him and all I need to do is continue to FOLLOW him!! This past weekend Noah and I were in the car, when a song came on the radio. Noah knows almost every song that comes on our local Christian radio station :) so it didn't really phase me when he started singing along to Chris Tomlin's "I Will Follow", until he asked me a question that lead into a 10 minute talk between me and my 6yr old that I truly feel was a message from God! Enjoy :)

Noah- Mommy who is he talking to? When he says I will follow you?
Me- He is talking to Jesus buddy. He is telling Jesus he will follow him wherever he goes
Noah- Oh so if Jesus tells us to go somewhere, we should always go?
Me- That's right buddy, when Jesus tells us to go, we should go!

Thank You Father for using the sweet simple words of my precious little boy to minister to my heart and to once again remind me that you have placed adoption and orphan care on my heart for a reason. I will continue to follow you, all the way to Ethiopia!!

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