Will You Marry Me? (In 20 years)

Monday, March 21, 2011
My adoption agency is awesome in the fact that the families are really good about supporting and encouraging one another through out the adoption process and coming to the airport when the big day arrives and your child finally comes home!! Last year Noah and I went to the airport to help welcome home a family and their little boy from Ethiopia. While there Noah met a sweet little girl Gracie whos momma Brittney has become a sweet friend of mine. Brittney and her husband James adoption a sweet boy from Ethiopia as well. By the time we left the airport Noah and Gracie were best of friends, wanting to get together to play one afternoon :)

This past weekend Gracie came to Noah's birthday party! It was so cute watching the two of them run around, playing together. The funniest part was watching the other little girls trying to get Noah's attention, and let me just say Miss Gracie was not having it, Ha!! Who knew my son would have so many little girlfriends at such a young age, LOL

The two of them had a blast together! This is such a cute picture, LOL
Apparently they didn't want to play with the other kids, because at one point I looked around to see this! They had hidden themselves below the slide, Ha!! (Brittney we are in trouble, LOL)
The best part was when Noah opened Gracie's present and in the bag was this homemade birthday card! Before Noah could even read it, sweet Gracie had already turned every shade of red there is!! It was so funny! It turns out Gracie had been asking her daddy how to spell certain words when she was making the card.

In case you can't read it. It says "You are loveing. You are handsome. You are cuet. You are pretty like a flower. I like you" Is that not the cutest thing!!
So it is official, Noah has received his first marriage proposal, Ha! Did I mention they both go to church together and are in the same Sunday School class :)

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