Experience With Stitches

Sunday, February 20, 2011
Last week was a busy one! I was starting my new job on Wednesday, so I knew I had Monday and Tuesday to get all my appointments scheduled for Noah and I. Everything went great! Busy but great :) That is until Tuesday rolled around and it was time to go for Noah's appointment with the dermatologist! My little buddy had a small mole on his leg that had started to change color and I wanted to get it looked at. As you can see in the picture below Noah was not too excited about being there :(
Thankfully the doctor informed me the mole was not at a point yet where there was cause for concern, but with the history of skin cancer in my family she felt it best to remove it to be on the safe side and to put this mommy's mind at ease! This of course did not excite my little guy at all!! He didn't really understand what was going to happen but he was pretty sure it was going to hurt :( I was happy to find out that they put numbing creme on his mole and had us leave for a couple of hours and then come back, giving it time to numb up the area on his leg. Making the shot part a little easier on him! The doctor had said she had a lot of kiddos who had brought their DS with them and while playing she was able to do the procedure without them really feeling or knowing anything, so of course after we left we went straight home to get his DS as well as picked up his Grammy for some moral support for this mommy who was beside myself with worry, while trying to stay strong for my boy!
We had made a stop at Build A Bear before heading back to the doctor and let Noah get a new buddy to keep him company while getting his procedure done. Noah was still freaking out a little bit about getting stitches until the lady helping him put the fluff in his new dog told him she was now going to "stitch" his new puppy up so he wouldn't lose his stuffing. I immediately took that opportunity to tell Noah "see your puppy got stitches and he was okay" I was actually glad she had used that terminology. The funny thing is she had no idea when she said it :) We got to the doctor and Noah did really well. He cried for a little bit when he had to get a shot to finish numbing the area but after that having his DS really did help keep his mind busy and off of what was going on! At one point he did ask the doctor is she was almost done and then told her she was pushing too hard on his leg and she really needed to stop! The doctor just looked at me and I nicely told her Noah doesn't have a problem telling people what is on his mind :)

All in all it was a successful trip. He had to get 5 stitches and he is anxiously awaiting his trip back this Thursday to get those suckers out! Of course after we left we made a stop at Red Robin for lunch and for a balloon :) I was so proud of my big boy and I feel so much better knowing that little mole is gone and I can stop worrying about it!

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  1. Poor Noah! I've had that procedure and it's no fun (maybe it would have been if someone took me to BAB and brought me a DS, lol!) but I'm glad you did it for your own peace of mind. I'm a worrier so I totally get it. Better safe than sorry, right?! Cliche...but true! Happy Monday :) xoxo, Kelly