Linking Up Again LOL

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
I decided to link up with Jamie's blog and tell ya'll what I am lovin about today!!

I'm LOVIN how I don't feel like like death anymore (see below post) I woke up this morning feeling a tad bit better then I have the last 5 days! Praise the Lord!!

I'm LOVIN how this weekend is full of lots of exciting things like my very first fundraiser for Silas!! (more details to come later) PLUS a baby shower for my sweet friend Lesli who is not only adopting from Ethiopia but she is also expecting a little girl!! Words can't express how happy I am for both she and her hubby Ryan!!

I'm LOVIN that I have a wonderful sister who has taken such good care of my sweet boy while his momma has been so sick these last 5 days!! It has taken a load off of me and enabled me to rest without having to worry!! Although, I can't wait to have my boy home with me, I know he has been having fun with his Sissie and cousins :)

I'm LOVIN that life has allowed me the extra time (if that really exist, lol) to blog more frequently then I use to. I so enjoy the outlet of blogging and meeting other moms out there who in some way or another always encourage me or inspire me with their stories.

I'm LOVIN my life right now!! I am blessed with a Savior who loves me no matter what!! An awesome little boy who brings so much Joy to my life everyday, an amazing family who supports me and is there for me when I need them, friends who have only recently come into my life but yet I feel as though I have known them for years and I'm LOVIN this adoption journey God has placed me on!! I have definitely learned more about my Faith and Obedience during this journey then I ever thought I would. I can't wait for the day that I get to bring my little guy home forever!!