Bittersweet Day & Adoption Prayer Request

Sunday, February 13, 2011
For the last 15 months I have worked for a hospital as a PCA (patient care assistant) and have been beyond blessed with a manager that has always worked with me on my schedule when I was finishing up school. After graduating nursing school last July I struggled to find the "right" job for me as a nurse. I couldn't find any jobs that were first shift or that offered good and inexpensive health insurance. I always knew God would place the right job in my path, I just had to be patient :) For those of you who know me know that is not always easy for me!

It was hard for me to work as a PCA when I was actually a licensed nurse but my job at the hospital offered great health insurance and the schedule wasn't too bad. I worked 3 days a week 12hr shifts. I didn't love the schedule, as it caused me to miss dinner and bedtime with Noah which I hated and sometimes would cause me to miss church, but I tried my best to stay positive, praying that when the time was right God would bless me with the perfect job for me.

A couple of weeks ago on a Thursday I got a phone call asking me to interview for a full time position at a pediatrician's office working as a nurse!! I was of course beyond excited and immediately began praying for God's will and guidance. I scheduled my interview for the following Monday. Two days later that Saturday is when I got severely sick!!! You remember that post, Ha! I was deathly ill and in bed for 5 days straight!! That Monday (the day of my interview) I could barely move, let alone even think about driving myself 25 minutes across town to a job interview!! I allowed the thought of rescheduling into my brain for all of about 5 seconds and then I decided I had to go and that I would just pray for God to give me the strength. My mom was kind enough to ride along with me to make sure I didn't pass out behind the wheel. I forced myself to dress up, put make up on, fix my hair and put on a smile all while praying I didn't pass out or throw up or both while at my interview!!

I honestly don't remember a lot about my interview :) except that I did my best, considering how horrible I felt!! Working with children has always been a huge passion of mine, so the thought of being able to work in a pediatrician's office helped me get through the interview!! I wanted the job bad!! Everything went good and the lady who interviewed me told me I should hear something in a couple of days. I continued to pray and rest in knowing that no matter what I wanted, God's plans were better then mine.

Two days later I got the call that I had gotten the job!!!! Praise God!!!! I was so excited!!!! Not only was it better money, but it also offered good insurance, the office is only 8 minutes from my house AND it is Monday through Friday 8-5!!! Ya'll seriously don't understand what having a set schedule means to me!!! It is awesome :) SO this past Friday was my last day at the hospital! It was seriously a bittersweet day. Working there has been so much fun, and I really learned so much from the other nurses there. I am seriously going to miss the nurses I worked with, my manager and the different experiences I got to be a part of BUT I am so looking forward to this next chapter and getting to work with kids of all ages while using my skills that I went to school for. God is good and so faithful!!

Adoption Prayer Request Please: I really can't go into a lot of details right now but I would love to ask you all to please be praying for me and my adoption. I knew before I started this process that I would have to do a lot of fundraising to help with the cost. Being a single parent didn't help when it came to the money part, but I knew God would supply all my needs to help bring my little guy home!!

Unfortunately things have NOT been going as I thought they would. I have done 4 different fundraisers since last November and have only been able to raise about $500.00 I understand to some that may sound like a lot and please understand I am VERY thankful to EVERYONE who has donated but the fact about adoption is it is very costly. I have been trying my hardest to raise the money to get my application sent off to USCIS for my fingerprints but have not been able to raise enough money.

As of today I have $405 saved/raised toward the $850 it is going to cost me to send in my application. I know that God will provide and that is a constant thought in my head and my heart as I continue to pray that the funds will be provided so I can get my application sent in sooner rather then later. I have been so close for the last month to getting the final documents taken care of so I can finally get my dossier sent off!!!

I am a big believer in the power of prayer!! It would mean so much to me if ya'll would join me in praying for some movement in my adoption process. I know God will work everything out in his timing, I just pray that "something" can happen soon that will move me one step closer to Ethiopia!! Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!! It means so much!!

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!! I am off to relax with my boy before heading back to church tonight for bible drill :)

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