Our Christmas

Thursday, January 6, 2011
What a crazy, busy, stressful, exciting and blessed Christmas "season" we had!!! I am still trying to figure out where in the world December went?!?! I am sure it has something to do with my INSANE work schedule that I was dealing with, the nasty cold/sick junk that went through our home on more then one occasion, moving into our new place, running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things together for my home study and everything else in between!

Yes it was crazy and yes this past December was definitely one for the books, but it was still as blessed as ever!! A wonderful time amidst the craziness. Time spent with my sweet boy, my family and time spent reflecting on that one gift that our Heavenly Father gave us all so many years ago when he sent his son to earth for us. To live, to teach and to die for our sins. So that we would be able to spend eternity with him in Heaven!! What an amazing gift!!

Christmas morning was so much fun!! Our morning started out reading about the birth of Jesus, singing Happy Birthday to him and talking about why we really celebrate Christmas. I love watching Noah's facial expressions as we talk about Jesus and his birth. Such amazement and excitement! Oh how I wish everyone could have faith like children.

Next it was presents time!!! First stop was the stocking :) Noah was excited to see that Santa had brought him a new movie, some notebooks of paper and twistable crayons and a small yellow bus that he can play with.

Both Sam and Charlie were excited to see they got some special toys as well :) Can I just say they are two of the most spoiled puppies ever!! Noah just loves them both so much. They have been such a great addition to our family!!

Leaving cookies, milk and a nice book for Santa to enjoy when he stopped by our home!
Santa was nice to eat all the cookies, drink all the milk and left a little note for Noah to read :)
The calm before the storm, Ha!! He was so excited and I think a little overwhelmed!!
He got a pillow pet

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!! A favorite in our home!! Noah was showing me how Buzz works, LOL

He was so happy to see he now had all the characters from Toy Story 3!!!!!
A DS!!!!!!!!
He was SO EXCITED!!!

His favorite DS game!! He is pretty good at it thanks to playing his cousins, LOL
Mario Kart for the Wii........................he was not even expecting this one, lol


  1. I love how excited he looked in all the pictures! Dawit got that pillow pet too. :)

    Let's try to get the kids together soon.

  2. Yes, lets!! I am off work all next week. So let me check my schedule :) I am supposed to get together with Lesley to catch up on Thursday night. I want to hear all about their trip to meeet little Greer! Want to make it a trio on Thursday? The kids could play and the three of us could catch up :) Let me know what you think.