Home Study "Almost" Complete

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Well my home study went great. Thanks for the prayers! I spent two day cleaning and organizing like a crazy lady and it didn't even make a difference! My case worker spent the majority of her time here talking to me more and going over all my paperwork. She did ask me to give her a tour of my place, but she didn't even go in any of the room. She just peeked her head in and asked me where Silas was going to sleep? The hardest part of the morning was having to hand her the check for the huge amount you have to pay to get your home study done! I wasn't sure I was going to be able to let go of the check, Ha!!

There was a little funny moment that morning. For those of you who know me, you know sometimes I speak without thinking. Trust me it is something I am working on! My case worker looked at me and with a serious and stern look on her face she asked me " in case of a fire what was our escape route?" So what was my response..............."run" LOL yeah probably not the best response but she was being too serious and she needed to smile, which she did :) I ended up explaining it to her and she just said it needed to be posted somewhere where it could be seen. So any guesses on the newest addition on my refrigerator?

Now as it goes with any adoption (for those of you praying about adopting) I am waiting!! My case worker had told me she was going to work on writing my report this past Wednesday but when I e-mailed her yesterday she wrote back and said she was still trying to work on it and would e-mail me on Monday with some questions she had come up with. This of course makes me nervous because I don't want any more bumps, I just want to get my dossier sent off!!!

God has definitely been using this adoption to teach me many things. The most important thing is patience. The has always been the one fruit of the spirit that I have lacked in and he is definitely teaching me that now. It has been a great reminder that while our plans and our timing might "sound" great HIS plans and HIS timing will always be PERFECT!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I hope to post more tonight about some other new things God has been doing in my life, but right now I have a very excited little boy who wants to go sledding!! Blessings to you all!!

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