Looking Back

Friday, August 23, 2013
One of the things I love most about this blog is I am able to look back and see how God orchestrated every detail of my adoption and bringing Isaiah home!! The amazing things He did to allow me the blessing of being his momma leave me speechless at times, and if you know me you know that doesn't happen often, Ha!! I love blogging. I love the wonderful friends I have made over the last few years, I love the community and the fact that the Lord has used this little ole blog of mine to minister to other single mommas who are either in process or are praying about starting the process. Only God!! This year I have gone back and forth (literally back and forth a hundred times, lol) about closing this blog and starting fresh. I went through such a hard time after bringing Isaiah home and yes you read that right. Adopting a baby is hard, no matter how little they are, these sweet babies still deal with loss and there are still issues you will face once they come home. End soap box :-) Anyway, I struggled with trying to decide if I wanted a new blog for the new journey God has brought my boys and I to, but then I was reminded at how much I enjoy looking back and being reminded of God's Faithfulness and how every step of Isaiah's adoption journey was just a stepping stool to where my boys and I are now. If you follow me on Instagram you may have gathered that I have been going through a pretty hard time the last few weeks. Things have actually been pretty rough the last few months but have gotten increasingly worse over the last few weeks. The amazing thing about this rough season is again God is faithful!! Sweet friends I wish I could share with you the amazing things that have happen just in the last few days and I promise if I am able soon, I will. It is my life's prayer that every single thing in my life will always point to Jesus, that others would always see more of Him and so little of me. So last night I had the revelation that I don't need a "new" blog. Yes I need a blog makeover, Ha!! That though will just have to wait until the new Dave Ramsey budget says I have the money for that, lol but a new blog I don't need. I need to continue to add the pieces the Lord provides to the amazing story He is continuing to write for my boys and I and wait on Him to reveal the next chapter. I have so much more to write, to share but for now friends I need to stop and get some school work done. Would you please pray for me. This season of life has definitely been hard but what an unbelievable relief it is to know that I don't have to handle any of it alone. I can bring it to my Father's feet and rest in Him, knowing He is working out all the details. For He is my daily bread and meets my every need.

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