Phone Dump.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Work, homeschooling, serving, errands, bible study, church........yep just to name a few reasons why my blogging has hit a rut lately where I only manage to post once every other week, lol as unbelievable as it may sound (due to my blogging record) I actually love blogging and really wish I could manage to do it more often. I have to remind myself often that this is a season and I need to embrace it and all the craziness that comes with it :-)
The boys are doing great! Thriving and growing. I hope to do an update post on both of them, if not for any other reason then to have it written for myself. As much as I love photography and taking pictures with an actual camera, ever since discovering Instagram I find myself taking way more pictures with my phone. If you follow me on Instagram or if we are Facebook friends, you have already seen all of these pictures. For the few of you who actually read this little blog of mine and don't know me personally. Enjoy :-)
Some sweet friends of mine came into town a few weeks ago and we met at our local Ethiopian restaurant. Isaiah LOVED the food!! He had never had it, so I was anxious to see how he acted with it. I am having some friends over next week and plan on attempting to make my own Ethiopian food? I'll let you know how it goes :-) Let's hope we don't have to call for pizza, lol

Against every fiber of my being I agreed to let my dad give Noah his very own pocket knife! Both of my nephews have one to widdle with and Noah had been begging asking me when he could get one, so he could start to widdle? My dad called me one day to tell me he had found the perfect pocket knife for him and wanted to know if he could please get it for him. I caved agreed and oh my stars it made the boy's day times ten!!! Below is a picture of Noah with my youngest nephew. They were having a serious conversation about the art of how to widdle, lol

My boys and I a few weekends ago before church! I am so thankful for these two precious gifts from the Lord and pray daily that I raise them with servant's hearts and that they always know their Savior and seek Him in everything they do!
When you have two boys, what's one more, lol I surprised Noah with a sleep over with his buddy Hooper who came home from Ethiopia a year ago. They had so much fun making pizzas, building, going on a walk with their scooters and watching Disney movies until I was ready to pass out and waved my white flag, making them go to bed, lol
Have you ever seen the movie Tangled? If you have you will understand the picture to the left and why I find it so funny that my youngest child LOVES that toy frying pan and carries it everywhere, Ha!! I love the other picture to the right. Noah was working on his bible work during school and Isaiah squatted down next to him with a serious look of concentration while watching his big brother :-)

Our first trip to the ER since Isaiah coming home. 5 hours later after having IV fluids run we were sent home with a diagnoses of strep throat, double ear infections and some antibiotics. Ugh!! Thankfully it only took him about 24 hours and he was back to his silly happy self :-)
What? You mean all big brothers don't enjoy pushing their little brothers around Earth Fare in mini shopping carts, lol

I had the boys outside last week and decided to snap a couple of pictures while they were looking exceptionally cute that day, lol I know I am a little partial :-)
Typical day in our house :-) Noah entertaining Isaiah and Isaiah mimicking everything Noah does, lol
Sunday afternoon naps brings out our silly sides and a reverse picture taking with my phone, lol
My mom is awesome and on the Sundays I have to work she always sends me a picture of my boys before they go to church! Yes they are matching :-) I accidentally found matching sweaters for them at a consignment sale I recently went to.
Hope ya'll are enjoying this beautiful fall weather!! Please continue to pray for Julee and Preslee in the coming days and weeks ahead as Julee finds her new normal without her dear husband Matt by her side.


  1. Hi Sarah, my wife and I were considering the Both Hands project, and I wondered if you might have any advice for us. We too are from the Louisville area :) Thanks and God bless!!

  2. Hey Mike!! I would love to talk to you about the BH Project I did. Feel free to e-mail me at That is my personal e-mail and I check it daily. Are you using Lifeline?

  3. Hey, what is your Instagram username? I tried to look you up, but couldn't find you. :)