6 Months, Is That All?!?!

Friday, October 19, 2012
Isaiah, You have been home 6 months already!! Technically it was this past Saturday :-) but your momma is not always the best at finding time to blog!! My sweet boy I honestly don't know where these past 6 months have gone? On one hand it seems like just yesterday that we were both still in beautiful Ethiopia waiting to start our journey home and on the other hand it feels like you have always been here!! Look at how much you have changed since coming home!! The picture on the left was taken your first week home and it was also the first time you ever touched grass :-) The picture on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago!!
You went to the doctor today for your second flu shot and I got an updated height and weight. You are 16 months old and you weight 22 pounds and are 30 3/4 inches long!! You are still playing catch up when it comes to your weight but I know you are healthy and that is all that matters.
You wear a size 4 shoe and sizes 18-24 months clothes!! You came home wearing 9 months clothes!! You have had the same 4 teeth for the last couple of months :-) Two top and two bottom. I can look at your gums and see TONS of teeth just ready to pop their way through!! I don't know if I can handle you looking any more bigger with more teeth. The four you have already make you look like a little big man!!
I love watching you with Noah, or as you call him Bubba :-) You are his constant shadow! Where he goes, you want to go too!! Almost every morning when we hear you in your crib talking Noah races in their to jump in the crib with you and the both of you just lay there talking and laughing until I come get you. I am so thankful for the sweet and close relationship the two of you have. Noah is so patient with you and is always eager to teach you new things and you are always so excited to learn from him. Every night we gather on Mommy's bed to read our bible story and say prayers and I just cherish that precious time with my two boys!! You are both so special to me!!

You love any and all books. You and your brother would both sit for hours and listen to Mommy read to you if I would. I usually have to cut you both off at 5-6 books, lol You have a few special books that you love to carry around. Your baby bible and a little picture book that has pictures of you and your family in it. You absolutely LOVE to sing!! Grant it right now it is more like you like to make tons of sounds that go along with the music, but to you it is singing :-) Your brother and I sing with you every night before bed. Your favorites are Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Love the Little Children and You Are My Sunshine. One of your favorite things to do is carry my IPhone around and listen to music, Ha! Sometimes you will just sit it next to you on the floor while you play :-) Recently my friend loaned us the Praise Baby DVD's and you LOVE them!! I can't wait to see what  comes of your love for music in the future!!

Your favorite foods are bananas, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and yogurt. Recently you have become pretty picky, which is the complete opposite from what you were when you first came home. I used to have to cut you off and now I have to sometimes beg you to eat, lol You are still taking a bottle in the morning, which I am totally okay with (your pediatrician, not so much) I have learned over the years not to go by a chart when it comes to raising kiddos and I don't plan on being any different with you :-) You have shown Mommy that you just are not ready to give up your morning bottle just yet. You drink out of a sippy cup through out the day just fine and I know over the new few weeks you will be ready to let go of the bottle completely.

Moments with you Isaiah are just pure JOY (most of the time, Ha!!) We still have our moments where your strong will butts heads with Mommy's rules but we have made a lot of progress over the last 6 months!! Your smile lights up any room and your big beautiful brown eyes can speak more then what some can express in words!! You LOVE to laugh and you get lots of pleasure out of making others laugh. I knew from watching you with the nannies at the Transition House that you had a super silly side and it definitely came home with you :-) If you realize that something you did made someone laugh, you will do it over and over again waiting for more laughter from people.

You love to be outside and this summer we spent LOTS of time outside swinging and playing in the grass or splashing in the water. We take lots of walks, even now that fall is here and the weather is getting cooler, I bundle you up and off we go with your brother leading the way on his scooter or bike. You love looking at everything around you and when you see a dog you start yelling with excitement!! The noises that come out of your mouth are pure entertainment. We went to the Zoo a few weeks ago and you were so fun to watch as you saw all the different kinds of animals. Your favorites were the monkeys! I stood you up against the glass wall and the momma monkey put her hand against your hand. It was the sweetest things and you just smiled from ear to ear!!

Your favorite toys are actually your brother's toy kitchen and all the accessories that go with it, lol 9 times out of 10 when you are walking around the house you are seen holding a play fork and play frying pan!! I think it is so funny. You also love playing with balls of any kind and recently you have started pretending you are talking on your play phone. Veggie Tales and Praise Baby are your favorite things to watch and you will also watch some Disney movies with your brother like Finding Nemo and Lady and the Tramp. You have a little tag blanket you sleep with that we call "taggie" It is a small square piece of fabric that has little tags around the edges that I ordered for you before you came home. It is definitely your little security blanket for sleeping.

You are finally getting used to going to the church nursery!! PTL!! This past Sunday you actually went to the nursery worker willingly without screaming, crying and holding onto my clothes for dear life (which has been our normal routine on Sunday mornings, lol ) We are at church at least three times a week so I think that is helping you get used to the environment and the workers there just love you and always have such sweet things to say about you when I pick you up!!

Isaiah these last 6 months have been full of laughter, smiles, JOY, tears, prayers, GRACE, many "first", moments of taking 2 steps forward but then 4 steps back, encouragement, peace, curiosity, exploring, and HOPE for what the Lord has in store for us in this next chapter. You are such a blessing to all of us, especially your brother and I :-) I prayed for you and the Lord heard my prayers!! I am so thankful He CHOSE you for our family. I pray you always know how loved you are!!

I love you to the moon and back sweet boy!!
Love, Mommy

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