"Stay"cation 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012
I have never experienced a "stay"cation :-) but these past 10 days I have and boy oh boy has it been fun!! Honestly, after traveling to Africa twice this year, starting a new job and spending every free minute with doctor appointments, post adoption stuff, finding our new routine and trying to get involved in our new church, these last 10 days were exactly what I needed!! 10 beautiful days spent soaking up my boys and just spending time with them!! Noah is always asking me if I have to work the next day. He dreams of mommy being able to stay home with him all the time and trust me I dream/pray the same thing everyday! So on the first day of my vacation he came in the kitchen while I was cooking breakfast and ten times he asked me "Mommy do you have to work tomorrow? What about the next day, the next day, the next day, the next day" and well you get the point :-) He had such a big smile on his face and was so excited to have Mommy home!! Enjoy the pictures from my phone of our time together!!

Isaiah ran out of hands while playing, so he decided his mouth would work perfectly for holding his toy, Ha! I loved being home playing with my boys!
 We took a trip to our favorite place, Chick-Fil-A where Isaiah got to eat a kids meal for the first time! He loved it and thought he was big stuff getting to feed himself :-) We did discover he does NOT like the cow that comes out to say hi to all the kiddos!! He screamed his head off when the cow got within 10 feet of him, lol What can I say he didn't see things like that in Ethiopia :-)
 I just love that boy so much! He is my little mini me and I thank God everyday for my boys. Noah keeps me laughing with his sweet and funny personality. The Lord has big things in store for him and I am excited to watch how God uses him in the future
 Here is Isaiah testing out his new play area for the main floor of the house. The steps that lead to the basement do not have a door in front of them, so to set my mind at ease I chose to go with one of these for safety purposes. It is a blessing for when I am cooking. He loves the fact he can walk around in there :-) Am I the only one that thinks of that older cartoon The Rugrats when I see this picture, lol
 We painted and redecorated Noah's room last week. Any guesses on the theme, lol I will post pictures as soon as I receive two things I ordered from etsy :-) 
 We spent one day riding go carts and playing miniature golf. Noah had a BLAST getting to be behind the wheel of his very own miniature go cart! He and I also rode the big go cart together. I drove of course, lol it was a lot of fun, but boy were my arms sore the next day!
 My sweet boy loves to play miniature golf!! He almost got a couple of holes in one. Maybe next time :-)
 The big day was spent at Holiday World!! It was so much fun!! I left Isaiah for the first time with a friend of mine. I knew Noah could use a day of just he and I, and I also knew it wouldn't really be fair to Isaiah to just sit in a stroller all day. He did really well for being left 12 hours and Noah LOVED having me all to himself. He adores his little brother but I knew he would enjoy some time just he and I.
 Here we are waiting in line for the bumper cars. Let's just say I need a visit to a chiropractor after that ride, lol We were both wet from a water ride we had ridden over and over again, lol
 A certain little boy decided to get two more teeth!! He now has two on the bottom and two on top!! We are officially done with baby food!! I still puree some stuff, but for the most part he is on all table food!!
 My two little pudding faces at lunch after church :-) So blessed to be their mommy!!
 Though I thought I had dodged it, we have entered into the Webkinz world, lol Noah is the proud owner of a Webkinz puppy named Zack :-) At least I don't have to potty train him!
 We did lots of sleeping in!! Oh how I loved it, lol Isaiah loves his little taggy :-) Loved seeing his sweet little chubby hand holding onto it when I went to check on him one night
 Noah was excited to see that a picture I took of he and my dad a couple of years ago while my dad was in the hospital is now hanging on the wall of the hospital!! My little celebrity!
 Did I mention we did lots of playing, lol and Isaiah spent some time getting stuck, lol once in his toy box and then once in his little ball pit, Ha!! That sweet boy cracks me up!!
 My Lego boy!! He loves to build towers, trucks and whatever else his imagination leads him to build. He can't wait to go to Disney next year and see the big Lego store there!!
 What is a staycation without making a stop at the local ice cream shop for 30 cent scoop day!! Isaiah was eager to tell me he was 1 and then wanted ice cream as a reward, lol
I have one more day of vacation before our normal routine starts back of me going back to work and Noah starts back to school. I am so thankful the Lord allowed me these last 10 days to relax and just enjoy time with my boys and my family. It has been the best "stay"cation ever!!


  1. Ha! Waylon is pretty terrified of "mascot-type" animals, too! One time, we were at a place that had Clifford the Big Red Dog for the kids to sit with - he looked at that guy like, "No way! I can see him just fine from waaaaay over here!" Haha!