Isaiah's 1st Haircut

Sunday, August 19, 2012
So it is no secret to those who know me I brought Isaiah home not really sure how to take care of his hair. I didn't know what products to use, how many times a week to wash his hair or even when to get him his first hair cut? Luckily we have a barber shop down the road from our house that is geared more toward African American hair and I had actually taken Noah there a few times prior to bringing Isaiah home, so I could get a feel for the guys there and to see if I liked it. I absolutely LOVE Isaiah's curls and wanted to make sure whoever ended up cutting his hair would do it right, Ha! Yes I am that crazy momma when it comes to my kiddo's hair.

When Isaiah came home I spent like what felt like an hour in the hair product aisle at Target one day searching for the right shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and comb :-) After a few failed purchases, I actually got really lucky and found a great product line called Shea Moisture and I LOVE it!! It works great with his curls, smells really good and it's organic, which is just an added bonus. The line has a moisturizer, body wash, shampoo and lotion!! I even use the shampoo,body wash and lotion on Noah. You can find it all at Target in the baby section if you're interested.

When I had asked the barber when I should get Isaiah's hair cut the guy was really firm and told me not before he was 2!! This was news to me seeing as Noah had to get his first hair cut when he was 8 months old to get rid of his little Billy Ray Cyrus mullet :-) I was fine at first to wait, but then as the weeks went by Isaiah's hair on the top started to look like a bad replica of something you would see on the top of Donald Trump's head, lol His curls on the top were just so long that no amount of product was keeping them under control and I could seriously put his hair in a ponytail on the top, but the sides and back were not even close to being as long, so I knew he needed a cut to trim the top and even everything out. So off to the barber shop we went one Saturday afternoon. I took my oldest nephew with me, hoping Isaiah wouldn't freak as bad, seeing as he still currently has a very strong dislike for most men!! He loves Donovan, my nephew so I figured I would be good having both he and Noah with me to entertain him. Let's just say I was wrong and our first trip to the barber was an epic fail! I felt so bad for the guys in that building, lol my sweet boy has a set of lungs on him that can travel for miles and from the moment they put the little make shift cape on him (a towel with a hole ripped in it for his head, lol) he screamed and cried. Of course I was the mom who took pictures while he screamed :-)

I loved how it turned out and now that it is all even it looks great and I can even get away with letting his hair go all natural sometimes without putting any product in it, lol He was just happy to be home and away from the barber shop! Hopefully we won't have to go back for a while and when we do he will do a little better :-)

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