Isaiah How Old Are You??

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This is Isaiah's newest thing he LOVES to do!! Whenever you ask him how old he is, he proudly holds up that little chubby finger and smiles from ear to ear!! I constantly look at him and just think how blessed I am that God chose me to be his Mommy and how thankful I am that his birth mother chose life for her son. I saw first hand the life he could have had while I was in Ethiopia and I never want to forget the act of redemption that was taken by our Father in Heaven by bringing this sweet boy home to his forever family, where he will grow up knowing how much his Father loves him and how we are all adopted into God's family.

Hope ya'll are having a blessed week!! There is so much that I hope to blog about soon that I have been working on processing over the last few weeks. One thing the Lord has reminded of recently is that change is not always bad, but just another way he will work on our behalf, and we just need to put our trust and faith in Him, knowing whatever the outcome, he has great things in store for us. That change started when he sent his son to die for all of us, the ungodly. Romans 5:6 I'm meditating on that this morning, as I continue to accept that change can be a good thing, even when it scares me.  

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