Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner Blog worded it perfectly when talking about Lent. So perfect that I borrowed part of her post :)

I'm Southern Baptist. We don't really do Lent.

In fact I only loosely get the idea of what lent is all about. (So all of you reading this who are Catholic or Methodist - I'm warning you - I'm probably not getting it right).

I've never done Lent but I've been thinking about it for the last couple of weeks and I like the idea of it.  I don't feel like I need to give up a luxury as penitence. Jesus already paid the price for my sins and His grace has covered me.  BUT I thought it would neat to maybe give up something that would enable me to put more focus on God for the 40 days leading up to Easter.

So with that being said, what am I going to do without for 40 days?? Well at first I thought Facebook, simply because I know I have a bad habit of grabbing my IPhone and checking status updates when I could be putting my time toward something far more important. Then I thought I really want to be able to keep everyone updated on my adoption process, and I do that through Facebook for those I know IRL. Then I thought about blogging, but honestly I don't blog enough to justify giving that up. I'm already changing my eating to a more natural way which includes giving up processed food, sugar and caffeine, so I couldn't really say I was going to give up cokes, Ha! Then it hit me! What do I find myself doing at night when I could be spending extra time with my King?

Watching TV! Not that I am a TV junkie, because trust me I am far from it :) but I do have a few shows that I enjoy watching every week, like Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy and Law and Order SVU. I also enjoy watching 7th Heaven on DVD with Noah that we get through Netflix, and while it is a good wholesome show that teaches a great lesson pretty much in every episode, I could be spending that time reading the Word and letting my Father teach me lessons himself rather then through a show. So TV it is. I will admit I will be setting my DVR to record my shows. Judge if you must, Ha

I have to admit I am kinda looking forward to the next 40 days :) The time I spent in Ethiopia was spent without TV and easy internet access, and I loved it! It is amazing how more clearly we can hear the Lord when we don't have so many things cluttering our heads or distracting us!

So is anyone else giving up something for Lent??

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