Getting My Referral

Saturday, November 12, 2011
Yes, I know my blog title has changed :) The minute I saw my precious little boy's face last Saturday I knew he didn't look like a Silas. The name didn't fit his beautiful face. Noah and I have spent the last week talking about the perfect name and yesterday we finally decided on Isaiah. There is scripture from the book of Isaiah that I have always loved and especially going through this adoption journey, it has been a source of comfort.

Isaiah 40:31 "But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint"

God is writing such an amazing story of Provision, Grace, Faith and Obediance through my adoption. Although I am not the best at blogging sometimes (or a lot of the time, lol) I am so thankful to have this blog to use as a journal. I have literally been blown away and incredibally humbled this past week. God's POWER has been shown in BIG ways just this past week and I can't wait to share with ya'll as soon as I am able!!

As ya'll might remember Monday October 31st I met with my the Ethiopian Director at my agency where I was informed that Ethiopia was in fact closing adoptions to single mothers but nobody was sure of the timeline as to when it would all happen. The decision was made to continue to move forward with my adoption. As easy as it would have been to just stop and give up, I couldn't do that. I felt with every bit of my heart that my little boy was in Ethiopia and I needed to get him home!! I had sent out a mass text message asking all my friends to pray that God would allow my adoption to continue and that I would be able to bring my little boy home wherever he was. That night my good friend Lesley (who is also the Ethiopian Director) texted me to ask me what was the absolute age range I was open to. I had originally thought that the best fit for our little family would be an older child, like 3-5, but I told Lesley I didn't want to box God in on what he had planned for us. So I told her I was open to a little boy from birth-5yr old. I didn't want what I thought was best, but what God knew was best for us.

Wednesday night I had also asked my Adoption Bible Study class to pray for me and for my adoption. It is such a blessing being a part of a group of ladies who have all gone through adoption and understand ALL the emotions that come with this amazing journey! It turns out God was hearing all the prayers and he was hard at work molding and shaping every detail that would lead up to getting my referral. It turns out Lesley got the news of my referral on Thursday!!! Just 3 days after telling me she wasn't sure what the future held for my adoption!!!

It has been an ongoing joke that Lesley would be unable to really surprise me with my referral because unlike most people adopting, I don't get excited and jumpy when Lesley's name pops up on my caller ID because we are good friends and we talk often. Boy was I wrong :) Lesley sent me a text message Thursday night asking me what I was doing on Saturday. She said her hubby was working all weekend and she wanted to come over and see my new house. We moved back in August but with work, school and kids I haven't had the opportunity to really have anyone over. At first I wasn't sure because I had to work Saturday but Lesley was persistent :) and assured me they weren't going to stay long. Trust me it wasn't that I didn't want her and her sweet boys to come over, but I was working my 3rd Saturday in a row and I never know if I am actually going to get to leave on time. So after all that we agreed that I would text her when I was almost home and they would head over.

I had been home about 10 minutes and was in my basement when I heard Lesley hollering for me from upstairs. I made my way upstairs and as I reached the top I also saw my other friend Brittney standing around the corner by my front door. I began to get a little confused and even said to Brittney "What are you doing here? I didn't invite you over, LOL" She totally knew I was joking. Although I found it a little odd she was there, it wasn't too weird since we are all friends and Brittney and I live on the same street. I still hadn't caught on. I should mention Brittney also works for my adoption agency :) and it turns out Lesley and Brittney wanted to give me my referral together. So they had planned to have Lesley tell me she was coming over and then she would stop and pick up Brit and bring her along.

Lesley and Brittney were standing there smiling and I think I had a huge look of confusion on my face when all of a sudden Lesley said something like "So I'm a horrible lier" and then turned this piece of paper around that had my sweet boy's pictures on them!!!! I immediately lost it and started crying like a big baby. I had waited so long to see his face and less then a week ago I wasn't even sure if that would happen!! Everyone was crying and so excited, poor Noah he didn't understand completely what was going on. About 10 minutes after getting it I called for him to come over to me and I showed him the picture again and asked him if he knew who this was. He shook his head no, and I told him it was the picture he had been praying and asking for. The picture of his little brother. He immediately got the biggest smile on his face and just stared at it :) I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends who made sure to surprise me with my referral. I seriously had no clue what was going on!! Definitely something I will never forget :)

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  1. What an awesome story!!! I can't wait to for our referral. Thanks so much for sharing! Julie