While We Keep Waiting.........

Friday, October 14, 2011
So today marks 4 months since my dossier arrived in Ethiopia!! The average wait time for a referral is 3-6 months from the time your dossier arrives in country, SO you can imagine how hard it is for me not to hope that sooner rather then later I will be getting "the call" I have been waiting for the last few months! I am STILL trying to fundraise. As of today I have raised a little over $2,300 toward the $8,000 I will need upon receiving my referral. As HARD as it is at times not to let the world into my head and allow the negativity to cause me doubt I know that God WILL provide!! There have been many times of the last year when I have wondered where in the world the money will come from. For every questionable thought the Lord has always blown me away with his Grace and Mercy on my adoption.

So we continue to wait and while we wait we are keeping busy :) I am FINALLY done organizing the new house! I feel so blessed that God gave us this house. It is perfect for us and I could not be happier every day I pull into the driveway. Noah LOVES the yard and the fact he finally has a place to ride his motorcycle. Here is he sporting his newest 147 million orphans shirt. Love it!

For those of you who have or are adopting you know that by the time your child is home you have a new wardrobe of adoption shirts :) Here is my little man sporting a fellow adoptive family's shirt. The Wallace's are adopting from Ethiopia as well. You can read about them here

A must in my new house was my devotional corner. A place where I can go to be alone with the Lord or to spend time reading one of my many books on topics from parenting to being content with this season of life I am in as a single momma. I LOVE my little corner :) It also makes for a great place to snuggle with a certain little boy while reading bedtime stories.

Noah and I are blessed with an amazing church that I thank God for leading us to. I have met wonderful people and Noah has made lots of friends since we started going there earlier this year. Being surrounded by a body of believers has always been very important to me. I pray that God would lead us to where he would have to go and I am so thankful he did! Our church has a huge adoption ministry and it is always so much fun to go to church on Sundays or Wednesdays and see so many children from all over the world in one building! A little glimpse as to what Heaven will look like :) This past Sunday my ABF class had a family cook out which happen to be hosted by a good friend of mine and her hubby who also live on my street. Noah just LOVES their little girl Grace and I think the feeling is mutual, LOL These two are just precious. I see them being good friends as they grow up. We had a great time spending time with everyone and the kids had a blast riding on Grace's jeep and Noah's motorcycle that he drove down there (and I pushed home since the battery died as soon as we hit the sidewalk, Ha)

Noah above giving Grace a ride in her jeep, and below doing the same for her sweet little sister Avery. These girls are just so sweet. They have a little brother who came home from Ethiopia a little over a year ago but he was too busy playing for me to get a picture :) Trust me he is a little cutie! I can't wait for Silas to get home and have lots of playdates since they should be close in age.


  1. Your blog is so sweet. I am excited for you! We just brought home our precious Ethiopian son just 6 months ago. It was a life changing and amazing journey!

  2. A devotional corner sounds wonderful! I think I might have just the perfect corner for that, too!