New Fundraiser and Prayer Request

Monday, April 18, 2011
Thanks to a good friend who gave me great instruction and advice I am now taking orders for custom made coasters!!! Each set includes four coasters that are made with specific stamp designs that you choose, for just $15 (plus $5 for shipping) Ordering is real easy. Simply click on the donate button on the left sidebar and include which stamps you would like used on your coasters. Perfect for your home, wedding gift, Easter, friends or even that special soldier you know who is or has served our country. Just click on the custom coaster tab on my header and check out ALL the different stamps available for you to choose from!!! My prayer is that enough coasters will be sold to pay for my fee that will be due once I get my referral, which hopefully won't be too far away from coming since I am SENDING OFF MY DOSSIER THIS WEEK!!!!!! That's right :) God is awesome and has provided enough funds that with some tight number crunching I am going to be able to get my dossier sent off this week :) I covet your prayers during this time. Specifically that God would continue to bless my fundraising and that my dossier arrives in Ethiopia without problems and that God would continue to watch over the precious little boy he has chosen for me and keeps him safe and healthy until the day he is home with Noah and I forever!!!

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  1. Hi, I was on the 147 Million website looking to buy another shirt, when I saw the shirt I wanted was only available through the "adoption fundraising" families. I clicked on a few of the fundraising families' blogs, and although I still haven't found a way to order the shirt, I did stumble accross your blog. We are an Arise family too. We used them to adopt our daughter Saron, whom we brought home in Feb. of 2010. Just want to tell you that you are in good hands. Many blessings to you on your journey! (We are also in the begining stages of another adoption.)