Snow Day!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010
Today was Noah's 2nd snow day this week, and we found out tonight he will not have school tomorrow either due to some more ice expected to come in tonight! We did something today that we have not done in a VERY long time...............we stayed home ALL day!! We even stayed in our pajamas all day!! With the business of life these days (best way to put it, lol) we have been going non stop almost every day. So Noah and I were both excited stay home and just relax. We played, read books, practiced vowel sounds and reading sight words, watched Christmas movies and baked cookies. It was such a fun day, one that I am determined to make more a part of our crazy schedule.

Noah enjoyed playing his cousin's DS while his puppies watched :) He doesn't know it yet, but there will be a brand new blue DS under the tree on Christmas morning! I can't wait to see his face :)

Don't get in the way of a boy and some homemade chocolate chip cookies :) While hanging his Christmas pictures from school he did what any boy would do and just let the cookie hang out of his mouth so he could use both hands, lol

After a busy and fun day he snuggled up in Mommy's bed to watch a movie and this is how I found him a few minutes later when I went to check on him :) Looks like I will have a sleeping buddy tonight. Let's just hope he shares the bed, Ha!

I have to be honest I had a totally different post in mind tonight when I sat down to type. I have so much I have been praying about lately. Trying to really follow God's direction has been my focus these last few weeks, and instead of blogging about it right now I think I will continue to be still, knowing He is God.
Merry Christmas and God Bless!!

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