New Addition(s)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010
Are these two not the cutest things you've ever seen?!?! Meet Charlie and Sam :) They are our newest additions to our family!! We were trying so hard to get a good picture of the both of them, but Mr. Charlie is a tad hyper and did not want to sit still long enough to snap a pic of them together.

For those of you wondering what happen to Copper, let me explain. About 6 weeks ago Copper started acting a lot crazier then usual. He was getting very destructive, knocking things over, chewing EVERYTHING in sight, jumping on people, knocking Noah over and towards the end was nipping at Noah and had even scratched him a few times due to his jumping. With that said I am convinced it was NOT that he was a bad dog, but was just not able to adapt to being an apartment type dog. I thought when we adopted him that raising him from a puppy that he would be okay in an apartment but that was clearly not the case.

I did A LOT of thinking and praying about what to do. Not only was Noah getting frustrated with the situation but I was also getting concerned about bringing Silas home with such a hyper dog. My fear was Noah would think Silas was the reason I got rid of Copper so I made sure not to mention anything about the adoption when I talked to him about Copper going to a new home. Much to my surprise Noah was okay with Copper leaving. I know he loved him, but I also know he was tired of the constant destruction and chewing of his toys. The first few nights he was gone Noah prayed for Copper, asking God to give him a good family that would love him like we did. I was happy to know that Copper passed all the testing with the Humane Society and was able to be placed back in the "program" and as I told them he is a great dog, he just needs room to run and play :) I have no doubt he isn't already enjoying a new home!

SO, I had decided it would be nice to get Noah a small puppy to play with, love and spoil :) He and I have always been dog people, but living in an apartment I knew we needed a smaller breed of dog. When I was younger I had an adorable mini yorkie that I LOVED so much!! His name was Verdel (and yes for those of you who have seen the movie "As Good As It Gets" he looked just like that dog in the movie, which is where he got his name) I knew yorkies were awesome dogs and I had a feeling that Noah would love them too and I was right!! Mr. Charlie came first. I surprised Noah last week after school and took him to look at some and let him take his pick. He immediately went to Charlie, picked him up and said he was the one. He was so precious with him and at one point turned to the pack-n-play where the other puppies were and started shaking his paw, telling Charlie to say good bye to his friends :) How sweet!!

Within 2 days that dog was so rotten he stunk, LOL Noah just feel 100% in love with him. Taking him everywhere, even putting him in his toy shopping cart and pushing him around. So of course what did I do? Like any crazy momma I decided to get another yorkie!! All jokes aside though, I had heard it is nice for them to have a little companion. So tonight after dinner we took a mini road trip to go get Charlie his little brother Sam! Noah had no idea and was shocked to find out!! Both puppies are doing great, although I joke and say Sam should have been named Eyore from Winnie The Pooh, Ha!! He has been super mellow all night, while Charlie has been super crazy, lol............They are both so sweet and I am so happy they are now a part of our family! NOW if we can just get Silas home all would be complete :)


  1. Oh! How cute! My parents have always had yorkies. Now they have 2 yorkiepoos. Have fun. Two puppies....glad one of them is laid back!

  2. Yeah, not sure what I was thinking Brittney, lol Sam (the laid back one) has come out of his shell!! Now both of them are spunky, lol They are so funny to watch though and Noah still enjoys pushing them around in his shopping cart, Ha!