A Blank Canvas

Friday, January 23, 2015

So for those of you who have been long time readers of this little blog of mine, you'll notice it got a little facelift as well as a new name. I used this blog to document so much of Isaiah's adoption journey and once he came home I was so hit and miss with posting, a few times I would debate just taking it down, but every time I did I felt the Lord saying "not yet" so I kept it up, waiting for the day He would lead me back to writing.
For those of you who know me in real life you probably know that last year I went through a very dark season. PRAISE JESUS the Lord delivered me from that season and has done more than I could ever imagine in caring for the boys and I. Though we lost a lot last year, we still have each other and I am still walking with my Savior, pressing into Him every step of the way. I learned a lot of things last year and one of the most important things my suffering taught me was that the Lord never waste anything. Our trials, our sufferings, our brokenness, He has a purpose for all of it and He will redeem it. Which leads me to this little blog of mine and what I feel the Lord calling me to do with it (other then document my life with my two favorite little men)
Faithful. Redeemer. Restorer. Healer. Comforter. Provider. Sovereign.
Those are words I use to describe the Almighty God, my Heavenly Father who has done more for me than I could ever imagine or hope for. The more I look back on my life over the recent years the more I see a journey full of those words I mentioned above when it comes to the Lord working in my life. How humbling!!
That brings me to this blog. I want this blog to point people to Jesus. I want to document the raw and real parts of my life, not to bring attention to myself but to bring attention to how AMAZING the Lord is and how is faithful in caring for His children, even during the hard times, when we don't think we can make it through another day, He is there, walking with us breath by breath. You see last year I struggled with a lot of shame for what was going on in my life, not wanting to allow people to see the brokenness that had become my life, but then the Lord brought me to my knees one night and it was then that I realized that through my brokenness His Glory was going to shine. I stopped hiding after that  and once I stopped hiding, He began to work in ways that still overwhelm me. The BEST part, was through my struggles and suffering, He was being glorified and others were being encouraged. Praise Him!!
So here we are, a new year, a new season and new beginnings for the boys and I. We are living with dear friends for a season, however long that might be. We are loving our church, building relationships, seeing the body of Christ in a way I have never seen before. The boys are getting bigger every day, I'm hard at work studying for my boards and for the first time ever I am just RESTING at the feet of my Savior and enjoying the peace He has given me recently. I have NO idea what this year holds for my little family, but I am here with open arms, ready feet and a heart full of anticipation for what He is going to do.

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