What Is It??

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
I don't know about ya'll but whenever the Lord is preparing me for something new, usually a big something new that comes in the form of an unexpected change in my life when I least expect it. Take for example when He lead me to the decision that I needed to find a new church home when I brought Isaiah home. I never would have thought that was what He wanted for me and the boys, mainly because Noah enjoyed going and had a few little kiddos that he really enjoyed seeing BUT the Lord knew it wasn't the right fit for ALL of us and after certain things happened that don't need to be mentioned the Lord made it crystal clear my boys and I needed to find a new church home where we would all be accepted and welcomed and most importantly loved by the Body of Christ. The decision was hard, but then again when is following God easy? If ya'll say all the time, you are just lying, lol

The Lord lead us to a wonderful church where not only have we been welcomed with open arms and loved on by many, but where we have all 3 grown individually and as a family. Noah has learned more and looks forward to going to church, Isaiah has come to know his helpers in the nursery and doesn't scream his head off while having a death grip on my clothes, lol and he actually has fun playing with all the little kiddos in his class. As for me, after dealing with hurt and mistrust from two separate churches and building a wall that guaranteed my heart would be protected, I have slowly taken down that wall and by no other way than by answered prayers and the loving Father Himself, I have met some wonderful ladies who I hold dear to my heart, who have mentored me, prayed for me and encouraged me along my walk. Did I mention that our Senior Pastor and teaching pastor ROCK and I leave their every weekend full of the Spirit and feeling that much closer to the Lord through their teachings. Seriously ya'll I LOVE my church and everything about it!! Even if some do call it Six Flags Over Jesus!! I think the name fits it because that building of believers has taken me on an awesome ride this last year and I can't wait to see what the future holds and what the Lord is going to do through those He places in my path every weekend.

So that brings me to the most adventure the Lord has brought me on, because let's face it life isn't crazy enough being momma to my two precious boys, going to school full time, homeschooling Noah and praying about our future and where the Lord wants us? God is awesome like that though, He proves over and over that what our humanly minds think we can't handle, we CAN handle with HIM!! So in just a little over 36 hours I am boarding a plane and heading to Haiti!!! Yep, the Lord has called me to go to Haiti with a group from my church for a 10 day medical mission trip. To say I am excited, anxious, nervous, and just giddy is an understatement. I have longed to go to Haiti for years but the timing was NEVER right. I knew when they announced the trips for this year that Haiti was definitely a trip I wanted to go on but being in school and being unemployed I wondered how in the world it would work out?

I can tell you I wasn't able to work anything out when it came to scheduling and finances, but our God worked EVERY SINGLE DETAIL out, down to the timing of my exams for school and provided every single penny in ways that only HE could!! I honestly don't know why I am surprised but I am and am still in aww at how the Lord works in my life!!! So humbling to say the least. I can not wait to get to Haiti but of course my mommy heart is aching that I will be away from my boys for 10 days but at the same time my mommy heart also wants my boys to grow up seeing their mom living out her Jesus. Being His hands and feet wherever the Lord calls me. I don't want my boys to remember me for being a safe Christian and only following the Lord when it feels safe to do so. Those who know me best know that I was forever changed when I came home from Ethiopia 15 months ago after my first trip and I have not been the same since. It has been my constant prayer that the Lord would make my path known to where it is He wants me to go, no matter where that is. I never want to miss out living His Will for my life because I was to busy making excuses or allowing the world to clutter my judgement.

So as I prepare to leave I ask myself, "what is it" that the Lord is preparing me for? I feel the slow paced change with things, I feel it in my heart and I know it is coming, but what is it? I am moving forward with anticipation and waiting on Him to reveal it to me in His timing. Knowing that no matter what it is, it will be an adventure because let's face it, following the Lord is never boring :-)

My sweet boys at our favorite place Chick-Fil-A (I may or may not be currently addicted to their new cobb salad, lol)
The picture is not that good, but the picture below is Noah practicing his bible verse on the way to his baseball game last night. I just love his hand!! May the Spirit always fill his heart always and forever.

Checking out exactly where Haiti is and where his mommy is going to be for 10 days. I must add that he is seriously convinced that I am bringing home another brother for him when I come home. If only it was that easy :-)

Getting in as many kisses as I can before I leave. Lord give my heart the strength to be away from these two blessings for those ten days!!

If you think of it sweet friends I would covet your prayers for my trip. That the Lord would guard my health and heart while speaking to my heart and showing me what it is He is calling me to do next. Also if you would please pray for my boys. Pray that time would go by quickly for them and that their little hearts are guarded as well and that Isaiah does well with my absence as far as our attachment, and for my sweet Noah who struggles with my absence and struggles with his routine being messed up. Pray that the Lord would fill his days with activity and fun and remind him what it is Mommy is doing.
Thanks so much friends. I shall return in a few weeks :-) With lots of God stories and pictures I am sure!!


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