Isaiah's Gotcha Day

Monday, April 29, 2013
I still can't believe my sweet boy has been home a year already. While time continues to fly by, I still have moments where I look at him and it still feels like he has always been here in our little family. There are few words that can describe the journey the Lord has taken me on this last year. The lessons He has taught me through the relationship that grew between my son and I, the hearts I saw softened by Isaiah and his smile, and the faith I saw grow in friends who stepped out and followed God's calling in their own life after hearing how God worked in my own life. All because I chose to say "yes" when so many thought I should say "no" I look at his sweet face and it breaks my heart to think of how many people are missing out on this amazing blessing of adoption.
For Isaiah's Gotcha Day celebration we had some yummy Ethiopian food, some cake that a friend of mine made me from the vision I had in my head :-) and some friends came over for dinner. Their daughter came home with Isaiah and I just love that the two of them get to see each other often and will always share that special connection to each other from being together in the transition house in Ethiopia.

 Yes, I know the flag is upside down, lol I had little helpers helping me hang it up and I didn't realize until after the picture was taken that it needed to be fixed :-)

It was a labor of love, but after 3 weeks of staying up till 2am almost every night between school work and preparing for a mission trip the Lord has called me on, I finally finished Isaiah's Gotcha Day video!!! He absolutely LOVES to watch his video. Almost daily he will walk up to my computer desk and point to the screen and say "mom, mom" with a sweet smile. That in Isaiah's language means turn the video on :-) I won't lie, it is a video made for him, not for anyone else, so yes it is long. 18 minutes, lol so if you want to pull up a chair and get comfortable feel free to watch it. Click here

I'm still waiting on my blog update. I didn't realize how long the wait was for the person I chose to do it :-) Time to get back to studying, packing, studying and packing :-) Until next time!

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