More Then Just A Crib

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
So last week I decided it was time to start preparing for Isaiah's official arrival home. I know some of you may be thinking "seriously, you waited this long to get ready" but ya'll have to remember I have a certain little 6.5yr old whose little heart I have been trying to guard and protect over the last 18 months. Adoption is a beautiful thing but also an emotional roller coaster. With so many "possibilities and what if's" during the adoption process, I wanted to make sure Noah didn't get confused or anxious during the waiting. I think I did that enough for the both of us, Ha  I have been missing Isaiah so much since coming home and honestly I wasn't ready to buy big stuff like a crib until now, because I was afraid it would make me miss him even more!!

While at Target, my all time favorite store :) I found a great crib at a GREAT price! Seriously, it was on sale for $75 OFF!! I was so excited. Plus my sweet friend Brooke was so kind to give me her son's old crib bedding that looks almost brand new!! The best part was it was exactly the type of bedding I was hoping to get for Isaiah. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends God has blessed me with.

Okay, back to the title of this post. Noah is known to LOVE any and all styrofoam that come with boxes. He can sit for hours building and playing with it. I swear he is going to grow up to be an engineer :) He loves to build and will use anything from cans to salt and pepper shakers and sweetner packets. Anyway, when we started to get the crib out of the box he was beyond excited at the many different pieces of styrofoam. Long, short, square, rectangle and more! With his cars in hand he was ready to build a town and ramps.

Fast forward two hours and there was styrofoam EVERYWHERE. My livingroom floor was covered, not only in pieces but also the super tiny little micro pieces that seem to take weeks to get vacuumed up. You know the product of sweet little boys breaking the big pieces into little pieces to make the perfect addition to a town they are building for their cars :) I busted out the vacuum while Noah picked up the bigger pieces to throw away. We were almost done when Noah came over to me with this big smile on his face.

During all the taring of styrofoam, a certain piece had been torn and not noticed until we were cleaning up. Noah couldn't believe that out of all the styrofoam there was a piece torn into the shape of Africa!! I couldn't believe it either. Seriously, I love how the Lord does things like this!! My little artist was quick to get a red marker and draw a heart where he said Ethiopia is. My heart was about to bust with love and joy at the sight of how much Noah loves his little brother, and then he grabbed the marker again...........

YEP!! As if I wasn't close to tears already, Noah drew two little people to represent he and I making our journey to bring his little brother home!! Yes ladies, I was in tears at this point!! My sweet guy has such a big heart. I can only imagine what all God has in store for him and how Noah will use that big heart for His Glory!!

The finished product :) I love it!! Noah goes to it through out the week and reminds me how awesome it is going to be once Isaiah gets home. I couldn't agree more.

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  1. Looks great! It's so fun to start getting all ready. Noah is so sweet :)