I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011
First I want to thank everyone who voted for me! I didn't win but I am totally okay with that. God knew who needed to win that money :) It meant so much to me to have so many people supporting me and voting! Ya'll rock!!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been acting like a super physco crazy lady, lol calling Lesley more often then usual (everyday, lol) asking her if she had heard anything about my court date! She had told me it usually took 3-4 weeks from the time your case gets filed and I was on week 5 and still hadn't heard anything! With the Christmas holiday coming up I was secretly praying for my Christmas miracle. You see I got a new job that I am starting on January 9th and I didn't exactly tell them that I was in the process of adopting. They didn't ask, I didn't tell :) I just prayed that the Lord would allow me to travel for court before I started orientation! I didn't want the interviewer to assume I couldn't handle the job just because I am adopting. This job is bringing so many wonderful benefits for both me and my boys and I am just so thankful the Lord has provided it.

Anywhoo! Last week I started getting nervous. The closer the end of the year got the more nervous I got about my new job and traveling for court. Some people were telling me I needed to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag so to speak and tell my new employer about my adoption but I just couldn't. I knew God would work it out, he always does. You see over the last 14 months God has ALWAYS provided, just in HIS timing. Along the way I have learned I just have to remain faithful and not question Him!! Something that trust me has come with time on my part, lol I was not always good at that. While at work last Thursday I got a text from Lesley asking me if I was at work. Seeing as I knew Lesley was in Canada visiting family for Christmas I thought this must be something adoption related! So I texted her back and told her yes but that I could talk. A few seconds later she called. (from the same number I had seen on my caller ID earlier but had ignored because I didn't recognize it, lol) When I answered she said "I need you to be sitting down when I tell you this" Okay not the best thing to hear when you are wanting good news. She didn't even tell me to sit down when she gave me my referral, LOL She went on to say "There was a mix up with your paperwork and well can you be in Ethiopia in 10 days!!" WHAT!!! Seriously?!?! The tears were rolling and I was shaking!! I couldn't believe it!! I had my court date!! January 3rd!! Even as I type this I am still in shock, LOL

After talking for a few more minutes I got off the phone with Lesley and immediately called my other friend who is also named Lesli, lol and who will be going with me on the trip!! She is the sweetest person and seriously deserves the award for most amazing friend ever for agreeing to come along with me!! Seriously over the last few days she has helped me so much in preparing for our trip. So I was super excited to tell her the news but of course I called her and she didn't answer, LOL So I called and called and called some more, Ha!! Finally she called me back and when I got her on the phone I asked her if she had plans for New Years and with a little hesitation she said "No, why?" To which I said "Do you want to ring in the new year with me in Ethiopia!!" I think she said Shut Up a few times after that and then we were both just screaming!!

Next was to tell my mom and sister :) My mom has a doctor's appointment on the 3rd that my sister had said she would take her to. So I had decided I was going to use that to help me tell them. I walked in my house and everyone was in the livingroom. My sister still says she can not believe I was able to keep a straight face for so long. I started talking to them about the day and then looked at my sister and said "You did say you could take mom to the doctor on the 3rd right?" She of course looked at me like I had two heads and said "yeah why" and I got a HUGE smile on my face and yelled "Because I will be in Ethiopia for my court date!!!!" My mom and sister both screamed and jumped up. It was GREAT!!! I only wish I could have gotten a picture of their faces :)

So, Lesli and I are set to leave for Ethiopia this Friday and just to throw in yet ANOTHER God planned detail.........We get back on Friday the 6th leaving me the weekend to recover before starting my new job on the 9th!!!! What an amazing God we serve!!!! I think I have been feeling about every emotion there is these last few days!!! I am beyond excited but also nervous and anxious. Noah is NOT excited :( He is not happy I am leaving him to go and in his own words he told "I want to go and see him and touch him myself" We had a couple of big meltdowns on Friday and Saturday when I tried to leave to do some last minute shopping, but he is doing better and we are talking a lot about Mommy to going to Ethiopia and how I will only be gone for a week. I told him when I get home I will have LOTS of pictures and video of his little brother. He doesn't know it but I am also planning on leaving a little envelope for everyday that I am gone with a little note from me and a little surprise for him. If only he knew and understood how incredibly hard it will be fore me to leave him for a full week!!! God give me the strength :) I just can not wait to have both my boys together under one roof!!

I have some specific prayer request if you would like to be praying this week and next~

  • Please pray for safe travels for both Lesli and I (Have I mentioned I have NEVER flown!! So if you could pray for my sanity as well that would be great :)

  • Pray for Noah! That he would be okay while I am gone and that the week doesn't drag for him!!

  • Pray for Isaiah, that his little heart would be open to all my love that I can't wait to shower him with

  • Pray that my MOWA letter is there when I go to court and that things go smoothly and that I pass court!!!

  • Pray for the possible meeting I will have with Isaiah's birth mother. Pray that the Lord will give me the words to say to her and that she will know and see how much love I have for her son and how thankful I am to her for such a gift

  • Pray for my mom and sister who will be taking care of Noah while I am gone.

  • Pray that my eyes and heart would be open to all that the Lord wants to show me while in Ethiopia. I have tried to prepare myself for what I will experience but I honestly don't think I can

  • Continue to pray for all the orphans in the world who don't have a forever family. Pray that the Lord would continue to pierce hearts of others and break their hearts for what breaks His!!

Thank you so much for your prayers!! You have no idea how much they mean to me!! I am going to try and update the blog while I am in Ethiopia. Internet is not the greatest from what I have been told, but I'm going to try :)

Praying this time next week I have passed court and can finally show ya'll my precious little boy!! My gift from God!!

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