Loving this adoption shirt!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011
So anyone who has or is adopting knows that once you start the adoption process, your wardrobe suddenly becomes more about adoption t-shirts then anything else, LOL

I LOVE getting new adoption shirts, not only because they're awesome, but because I can help support another family trying to bring their child/children home forever!! You HAVE to check out Kim's blog!! She and her sweet family are fundraising to bring home not one but two little girls from Ethiopia. They are selling these awesome shirts, and can I just say I LOVE them!! I just finished ordering one for myself :) and I can't wait to get it.

Kim is also hosting an awesome giveaway, so be sure and check out her blog!! All kinds of neat things going on :) I am secretly hoping I win the necklace she is giving away!! I just love it.

Hope ya'll are having a great week. I have the next 4 days off, so here is hoping I can find my way through the tons of boxes sitting in my house since we moved!!

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