Sunday, July 31, 2011
I have been meaning to post an update for the last couple of weeks but here lately life is beyond busy and there just has not been the time! God is doing amazing things in my life right now and I have just been sitting in his presence in amazement at how merciful he is!! He continues to show me he will ALWAYS provide my needs and desires of my heart in his perfect timing. For the last few years on January 1st I have always written my hopes and dreams for the year in my prayer journal. I enjoy going back over that list at the end of the year and seeing how God has worked in my life. A few nights ago I read over my list for this year and was humbled at the reminder of how God has blessed me this year!! I am so thankful for the Lord's provision in my life.

I am currently still fundraising to raise money for my referral fee that will be due upon getting a referral. As of last week I had raised $2,000 through donations!!! Praise God!!! Only $6,000 left to raise. My fundraiser at Applebee's last Saturday went great. It was a wonderful time of yummy pancakes and fellowship with great friends!!! I am so thankful for my sister who manned the kitchen, getting the plates ready to go and running the dishwasher and my niece and nephew who helped serve all morning as well as busted the tables for me, allowing my to greet everyone and thank them for coming. Then there is my other nephew and my mom who stood outside on the side of the road in the HOT heat holding a sign for cars passing by to see. They were all so dedicated in helping that morning be a success. It brings me such joy to see how much love there is waiting for Silas!!

TOMORROW I am having another fundraiser that I am so excited about!!! The Chick-Fil-A in my city has been so gracious to offer to host a fundraiser to help with my adoption cost. Tomorrow ALL DAY you can go by Chick-Fil-A and present a coupon with your order and 20% of your total will go towards my adoption!!! How awesome is that!!! I am praying it is a great turn out!! Luckily I am only working 4 hours tomorrow, so I plan on spending some time there tomorrow afternoon greeting and thanking those who stop by. I hope to see a lot of familiar faces there!! I will be sure to post an update with how it goes :)

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